Home Learning – School Closure

As we are using the internet even more to access our learning, we need to make sure we are following the online safety guidance. Make sure you take the time to read the information below.

Safe Internet Use Summary Sheet

W/C 30th March 2020 EYFS activities.
T-L-4499-Phase-2-Pictures-and-Captions-Matching-Worksheets_ver_3 T-L-4498-CVC-Word-and-Picture-Matching-Worksheets-Mixed Play-Dough-Recipe-_Secured
t-l-4500-phase-3-pictures-and-captions-matching-activity-sheets–_ver_8 t-l-527767-rhyming-string-cards_ver_1 T-T-18012-One-More-One-Less-Number-Writing-Activity-Sheet-Lorry_ver_2
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Click on the link below to find additional Maths work – there are video’s to show the children how to solve the different math problems. 

White Rose Maths – EYFS

Autumn 2019


In reception we have been learning about Saint Christopher.  We learnt that he was big and strong. He was kind and helpful.  Saint Christopher looked after travellers.

We pretended to be Saint Christopher carrying travellers across the stormy river.

We had lunch for the very first time in our school. Some of our parents stayed with us until we were ready to eat our lunch with our friends.



In reception we have been sharing books.




Putting on a puppet show with our friends




Moving in all sorts of ways.



Having fun learning our sounds.




Autumn 2018

Reception – Autumn 2 – Patterns

Summer 2019

Homework Grid

Summer 1 overview_

Summer 2

Homework Grid Summer 2

Summer 2 MTP