Fun Learning for children


Dear family and friends.

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week and the theme is kindness.

It’s never been more important to show kindness to others, so, our challenge is to show kindness to our family, friends, communities, and ourselves!

Think of ways that you can spread a little kindness to others and then share what you’ve done on our school blog on Purple Mash.
You may also want to share ideas or explain why it’s important to be kind. You can use the kindness calendar to help you if you like!

Send to to be put on our website along with any pictures of your family showing kindness and using the calendar.

Useful websites for parents:



Last week we celebrated World Earth Day.

The challenge

Write and then record a speech (1 minute maximum) about:  What this day means. Why is it important? or what can we do to make our world a better place?

Send in your videos to win…

CEOP helps any child or young person under the age of 18 who is being pressured, forced or tricked into taking

part in sexual activity of any kind. This can be something that has taken place either online or in ‘the real world’, or both. You can visit the CEOP Safety Centre and make a report directly to CEOP by clicking the Click CEOP button.

Are your children getting fed up of paper learning.  Stem have put together some great learning activities for you to do at home.  Click here to get inspired!

Some creative activities to do at home:

Make a whale. Whale and the snail activity sheet

Shortbread stars recipe

5th July 2020

Star 15051 points
Ziann 10210 points
Asmin 10000 points
Richie 8430 points
Cassius 5480 points
Gabriel K 3159 points
Omobolaji 2927 points
Ja’Nyah 2302 points
Chibuzor 2254 points
Aaron P 2230 points

28th June 2020

Star 15150 points
Richie 15060 points
Asmin 15029 points
Ziann 15000 points
Jordan 3978 points
Kiyan 3625 points
Fernanda 2903 points
Dhilan 2770 points
Jia He 2480 points
Rhys 2422 points

22nd June 2020

Star 15101 points
Ziann 15081 points
Peace 4402 points
Dhilan 4000 points
Arben 2890 points
Gabriel K 2844 points
Cassius 2521 points
Asmin 2163 points
Barbara 2154 points
Ghaleeb 2067 points

8th June 2020

Jia He 6847 points
Richie 6113 points
Ja’Nyah 5359 points
Jayden K 5290 points
Star 5130 points
Ziann 5010 points
Joel 4940 points
Joayhan 4840 points
Madura 4600 points
Anthony 4540 points

15th June 2020

Ja’Nyah 18513 points
Ziann 18330 points
Star 17550 points
Jia He 7270 points
Asmin 5292 points
Thabeeb 5020 points
Richie 4590 points
Bright 4320 points
Mattan 4000 points
Joshua P 3390 points



2nd June 2020

Ja’Nyah 12680 points
Star 11000 points
Ziann 10210 points
Richie 6453 points
Joel 4200 points
Naveen 3260 points
Mattan 3183 points
Jayden K 2610 points
Fernanda 2414 points
Agape 2372 points

26th May 2020

Star 15144 points
Ja’Nyah 14540 points
Ziann 12390 points
Richie 12256 points
Nabil 11471 points
Fernanda 6981 points
Alexander 5210 points
Akleon 5199 points
Naveen 4933 points
Nabila 4543 points

18th May 2020

Star 15050 points
Ziann 15010 points
Ja’Nyah 7900 points
Fernanda 5826 points
Jia He 5374 points
Anthony 4830 points
Jeruel 4312 points
Romina 4260 points
Jayden K 4032 points
Isabel 4030 points

11th May 2020

Star 20000 points
Ziann 18350 points
Ja’Nyah 14090 points
Kiyan 6294 points
Malak 5400 points
Achim 5071 points
Joshua P 4260 points
Joshua B 4171 points
Renata 4127 points
Dhilan 3680 points


4th May 2020

Ja’Nyah 18039 points
Star 15000 points
Ziann 14010 points
Renata 10825 points
Kiyan 8542 points
Jessica 5915 points
Joshua B 5702 points
Peace 5410 points
Israel 5360 points
Joshua P 5110 points

26th April 2020

Ja’Nyah 15249 points
Ziann 12570 points
Star 12536 points
Renata 10205 points
Kiyan 8542 ponits
Jessica 5915 points
Joshua B 5702 points
Peace 5410 points
Joshua P 4530 points
Clifford 3580 points

19th April 2020

Ziann 41645 points
Ja’Nyah 27776  points
Star 24332 points
Elpida 17895 points
Kiyan 15867 ponits
Jessie 15771 points
Israel 15730 points
 Heritier 13701 points
Joy 13688 points
 Wyatt 12782​ points

Daily Lessons and videos – Starting Monday 20th April –










Below are some additional links to activities children can do at home.



Sport England – stay active at home

Go Noodle

BBC Supermovers

You tube – Cosmic Yoga

Joe Wicks and Alfie – 8 minute workouts ( once on this page there are a lot more exercises with other children involved)

Joe Wicks 5 minute exercises on You Tube

NHS – 10 minute shake ups

Joe Wicks – kids work out

NHS 10 minute cardio workout

One Day Creative Education

The Maths Factors

Children’s Audio

The Literacy Shed

Jigsaw – PSHE

Hungry Little Minds – Activities for 0-5 Year Olds

Mr Throne Does Phonics – Letters and Sounds’s%20phonics&qs=AS&form=QBVR&sp=1&pq=mr%20thorne’s%20phonics&sc=5-19&cvid=963E8BFE33CB4FD2B8E49FBF9D96E915

CBeebies Little Learners Numeracy

CBeebies Little Learners Literacy

CBeebies Little Learners Art

CLEAPSS – Science activities to do at home

Science experiments to do at home