Year 6

Choice Based Homework 2019/20

Choice Homework- Year 6 Ancient Maya

Year 6 Homework Spring 1


Mindfulness Event

On Wednesday 30th November, Year 6 attended a Mindfulness Workshop. Joined by a number of other primary and secondary schools, we watched a video made by local schools about the impact of mental well being and how we can help manage this better, especially with our move to secondary school. We were then split into two groups where we completed different activities about helping to improve our mental health.

Mr Numbervator

Today Year 5 and 6 had an assembly lead by Mr Numbervator. Throughout this term Mr Anoom – also known as Mr Numbervator –  will be working with some children in both 5 and 6 to help deepen their understanding of Maths.

In todays assembly ten children were selected to represent different digits (0-9), they had to move around to represent the digits used in the 9 times table. We then selected seven children at random and had to make the biggest number possible out of them.


Year 6 Orienteering September 2019