Year 4

Autumn 2019

Choice Homework-Year 4

Year 4- Autumn 2 -Choice Homework


Waste Warriors

Waste Warriors – Day 1
Today year 4 took part in the Waste Warrior Project.
What are waste warriors, we hear you ask. Well, they are people who try their best to reuse, reduce and recycle our waste.
Firstly, we discussed how and why we recycle. We then tested our knowledge by sorting items between recyclable and non-recyclable.
Next we discussed which items can be reused and were given a challenge of finding new ways to use items that we no longer need e.g. change shopping bags into gift bags and making our own cards.
“Waste Warriors helps people learn about the RRR as people waste food and other stuff. We can encourage people to use the RRR and not waste as much stuff and people to care about our earth.” Maame, 4W.
“Instead of wasting plastic we can making things out of it and reuse it.” Hailey, 4W.
Come back next week to see what else we have learnt! 

This week’s fun!