Our Curriculum Overview

The curriculum

Curriculum Intent Handbook

Curriculum vision

At St. John and St. James our curriculum vision is underpinned by both our school vision and our Christian values. We believe our pupils need

  1. a relevant, progressive and memorable curriculum which builds towards the end points identified in the National Curriculum.
  2. extensive opportunities through an exciting and engaging curriculum which addresses social disadvantage and is embedded in our values.
  3. learning environments which enable them to take risks and develop curiosity.
  4. reading embedded as a core feature across the curriculum.
  5. a curriculum which reflects the school’s context, is ambitious in improving life chances, equips children with cultural capital and prepares them for the next stage of their education.

School Vision

Our vision is to create an inclusive community of aspirational learners, children, families and colleagues, working collaboratively and respectfully within a happy, nurturing environment where all flourish and achieve.  Pupils are given extensive opportunities through an exciting and engaging curriculum, through which our Christian values are woven.

School values


  • Encourage all pupils to respect everyone equally and celebrate the cultural diversity of the community.


  • To encourage our pupils to become wise trustees of the earth’s resources.
  • Ensure all pupils have equal opportunities to succeed.
  • Enable pupils to work effectively and cooperatively as part of a team.


  • Develop a clear sense of right and wrong in all pupils, firmly based on Christian principles, ensuring pupils are able to take responsibility for their actions.


  • Provide pupils with opportunities to develop a sense of social responsibility whilst reflecting on their own lives and be thankful.


  • Provide a secure, happy and caring environment in which all pupils feel valued and are able to develop a sense of well-being in surroundings safe from the threats of bullying, racial abuse and discrimination.


  • To develop pupils with high levels of confidence, self-esteem and a resilience towards learning.


 At St John and St James, we embrace the vast cultural diversity within our community, and understand the range of prior experiences and starting points that many of our children come with.  Our aim is to ensure that throughout their time with us, children will develop perseverance, independent learning behaviours and substantive and disciplinary knowledge in all curriculum areas, that will give them the skills and confidence to be successful as they enter their next phase of education and ultimately improve life chances.  

Weaved throughout the curriculum are opportunities to celebrate the social and cultural diversity of the school community whilst reinforcing the importance of British Values. The curriculum aims to promote identity, pride and ambition within our pupils so that they are able to go on with confidence and aspirations, for their futures within education and beyond.

As a school, we aim to facilitate meaningful experiences for our children, through a rich, engaging curriculum, so that children can learn to appreciate all that life has to offer, and enjoy life in all its fullness.

In addition, many elements of the curriculum provide opportunities for children to learn how to keep themselves safe, when facing issues that affect young people in our local community and beyond.    They are taught to understand, how and why young people may be drawn into gangs, youth violence and unhealthy relationships. Through exploring and discussing these dangers in a safe place, our children will learn how to make the choices that will keep them safe.  


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Year 6 Curriculum Overview 2023-24