Personal Social Health Education (PSHE)

PSHE education is a subject through which pupils develop the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to keep themselves healthy, safe and prepared for life. At St John and St James we teach PSHE once a week; we use JIGSAW to support the delivery of this subject.

Jigsaw PSHE / Health and Well-being provides a detailed and comprehensive scheme of learning for ages 3-16.  Jigsaw is well-structured, progressive and provides vital materials to support and encourage discussion in the classroom.

PSHE Documents

Curriculum Intent Document- PSHE

Jigsaw- Knowledge and Skills Progression

Jigsaw- Curriculum Overview

Our PSHE Topics are:

  • Being Me in My World – Includes understanding my place in the class, school and global community as well as devising Learning Charters.
  • Celebrating Difference – Includes anti-bullying (cyber and homophobic bullying included) and diversity work.
  • Dreams and Goals- Includes goal-setting, aspirations for yourself and the world and working together.
  • Healthy Me- Includes drugs and alcohol education, self-esteem and confidence as well as healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Relationships- Includes understanding friendship, family and other relationships, conflict resolution and communication skills.
  • Changing Me- This puzzle includes sex and relationships education in the context of coping positively with change. (Please see below the specific materials that we use to deliver this unit)

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Please see below information about our delivery of RSE, if you have any questions please contact the school office.

Dear parents,

Our school has agreed to take part in an educational research project with University College London (UCL) on cyberbullying. Pupils in Years 5 and 6 will have the opportunity to take part in a short online questionnaire which will take place at school. A few pupils will be requested to take part in individual interviews. We are requesting that parents sign the consent form and hand the form back by 10th May 2022. For more information about the research project please see the document below.

Mental Health Month May 2021

Please see below information about mental health activities for children and other forms of support from the borough.





This week we participated in UK parliament week.

We learned about our British values and discovered how democracy works during elections.

We took part in a virtual workshop delivered by UK Parliament staff in which we learned all about how parliament and government is structured and operates day to day.

We learned about the important work Members of Parliament carry out and how new laws are made.

We had a lot of questions to ask about parliament and thoroughly enjoyed the workshop.



PSHE Information

Enfield Council Press Manager: Andrew Golder, / 020 8132 1108

We have a large multi-cultural and harmonious community in Enfield which embraces its diversity. Schools should provide a safe environment for all pupils, regardless of their religion, cultural heritage or sexual orientation. It is also important that pupils are given the tools to understand the world around them and to respect and comply with equalities legislation. Bullying and prejudicial treatment of any form is unwelcomed in this borough.

From September 2020, all primary schools in England will be required to teach Relationships Education, all secondary schools in England will be required to teach Relationships and Sex Education, and all schools in England will be required to teach Health Education. At primary level all schools will be required to teach about different types of committed stable relationships, which includes LGBT relationships.

Parents will not have the right to withdraw their children from Relationships Education at primary or secondary level.  Parents can request to withdraw their children from Sex Education at primary and secondary level, up to and until three terms before the child turns 16.

The curriculum will offer the opportunity to discuss issues around self-esteem, identity, acceptance and anti-bullying strategies. These themes will be explored across the curriculum. Most notably, all pupils will be expected to understand the importance of equality and respect and schools must ensure they comply with the Equality Act 2010. Schools will be supporting all pupils to respect people who are different to them and helping to tackle the prejudice-based bullying. All teaching will be age appropriate and each school will develop an approach that works best for its pupils and the local community, while being mindful of their legal obligations under the new guidance.

Schools will be expected to have a written policy on how they plan to teach relationships and sex education and they must consult parents when developing and reviewing this. We would welcome proactive, thoughtful and respectful discussions with parents as we embark on this new policy – all Enfield schools have an open-door policy so parents’ and carers’ questions can be answered. Our aim is to help foster a safe, supportive school environment for young people to grow up in and to build confidence in this teaching. If you would like to discuss these issues further, please contact the headteacher by making an appointment at the school office or emailing us at