Our Staff

Staff List   –   2020 – 2021

 Senior Leadership Team  Responsibilities
Mrs P Cuncarr Headteacher

Child  Protection/Health & Safety/Assessment/Strategic Management/CPD / Teaching and Learning


Mrs J Nagle

Deputy Headteacher

 Curriculum/Inclusion/Attendance/Children’s wellbeing – Mathematics
Mrs H Brown

Assistant Headteacher


Special Educational Needs/ Literacy


Mrs S Glover

Assistant Headteacher

Personal Development

School Council, Pupil Voice, Enrichment, PE, Sports Premium and Extra Curricular Activities

Class Teachers

Mrs J Tomioka Class Teacher Nursery

St Peter Class – am

RE and SIAMs

Miss L Bryan Class Teacher Reception RC St Christopher Class
Mrs J Hegarty Class Teacher Reception Reception Cover Teacher
Miss K Toms Class Teacher Year One 1A

St Andrew Class

Phonics Lead

Mrs M Coley Class Teacher Year Two 2F St Francis Class
Mrs C Bennett Class Teacher Year Two 2E St Elizabeth Class
Mrs R Hasmatuchi Class Teacher Year Three 3J St James Class
Miss Z Ojukwu Class Teacher Year Three 3D

St David Class

History and Geography Lead

Miss M Jaiyesimi Class Teacher Year Four 4W

St Deborah Class

Music Lead

Mrs N Danfa Class Teacher Year Four 4G St George  Class
Miss C Ayers-Rodrigues Class Teachers Year Five 5P

St Patrick Class

Creative Arts Lead

Miss Z Canbolat Class Teacher Year Five 5T St Teresa Class
Mrs S Glover Class Teacher Year Six 6JB St John the Baptist Class
Miss K Hobbs Class Teacher Year Six
6JB St John the Baptist Class
Miss J Yeboah Class Teacher Year Six

St Joan of Arc Class

Science Curriculum Lead

Mrs Goldstone Part – Time Teacher KS2 Key Stage Two Cover Teacher


 Ms D  Bucknor  Early years Teaching Assistant / NNEB
 Ms C Frost  Early Years Teaching Assistant/NNEB
 Mrs S  Hamilton  Early Years Teaching Assistant/NNEB ( part time)
Mrs S Kirby TA/NNEB

Pastoral Team

 Lauren Dean  School Counsellor

Support Staff

 Mrs M Varnava HLTA – Teaching and Learning/Resources
 Ms M Wooderson Acorn Class Lead
Mrs E Amudzi Learning Support Assistant
Coach Alfred Impact Sports Coach
Coach Jonathan Impact Sports Coach
Miss A Bontoft SEN Teaching Assistant/Learning Mentor
Mrs H Khanom SEN Teaching Assistant
Miss K Little SEN Teaching Assistant
Mrs W Pitsillis SEN Teaching Assistant
Miss D Michael SEN Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Remy SEN Teaching Assistant
 Mrs K Skinner-Clements SEN Teaching Assistant
Miss Ibrahim SEN Teaching Assistant

Office Team

 Mrs G Wilkins  Office Manager
 Ms L Lockyer Attendance and Admissions Lead
Miss M Walker Receptionist/Welfare Assistant

Premises Staff

 Mr D Okeyere  Resident Site Manager and Improvement Officer
 Ann  Cleaning Assistant
Jennifer Cleaning Assistant

Lunchtime Play Leaders

 Mrs S Alexander  Lunchtime Play Leader
 Mrs M Ahmed  Lunchtime Play Leader
 Mrs S Chowdhury  Lunchtime Play Leader
 Ms A Gray  Lunchtime Play Leader
 Mrs M Warburton  Lunchtime Play Leader

Breakfast Club Staff

Mrs E Amudzi BC Manager and Lead
Ms M Wooderson BC Assistant

Tea Time Club Staff

 Mrs E Amudzi  TTC Manager and Lead
 Mrs E Bondaryk  TTC Assistant

“Staff morale is very good and the needs of the children are placed at the centre of all their decisions” SIAMS