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Accessibility Policy Jan 2021

Admissions-Policy-Jan21 (2)


Anti-Bullying Policy

Anti-Radicalisation Policy

Behaviour Policy Sept 21

Behaviour Parent Guide


Child-Protection-and-Safeguarding-Policy Sept 2021

Collective Worship Policy

Complaint-Procedure-May 2021

Charging Policy – Jan 2021

Critical Incidents Protocol for Schools and Educational Settings Sept 2020

Debt Recovery Policy

Equality-policy March 21

Food Policy


Data Protection GDPR Feb 21

Health and Safety Policy

Lettings Policy 2019

Online Teaching and Learning Safety Policy

Medicines in Schools Statement EnfieldAppendix 5.1 

Parent Behaviour Document 2020/21

Photographic & Video Images Policy

PE POLICY 2019-2020

Privacy Notice Enfield Schools

Religious Education Policy Feb 2020

Relationships and Sex Education policy

SEN Information Policy 2020-21

Schools CCTV Code of Practice

Medicines in School Policy – Sept 2019

Science Policy 2019

COVID 19 Safeguarding update April 2020

SEN Information Policy 2020-21

Teaching and Learning Policy 2020

Whistleblowing Policy for Schools October 2020

Volunteer-Policy March 21

Great emphasis is placed on the key values of love, justice, trust and forgiveness which anchor and promote the Christian ethos. The school is a caring and inclusive school that serves the local community well.” SIAMS, March 2011