Collective Worship

​​​​Week 7-Kindness

When everything else  is changing something that always stays the same is the importance of being kind to each other.

Chris and Jessica lead our Assembly about kindness.

It seems along time ago when we met together as a whole school. Lots has changed but Gods love for us never changes. This song reminds us of being altogether and we know that ‘We are a chosen generation’.

Week 7-Generosity

In St John and St James we always try to have generous hearts, sharing what we have with others. Do you remember right back at the beginning of the school year when we brought in all the food for our Harvest celebrations for Enfield Food Bank?

Chris and Jessica help us to understand what generosity means to them.

All of this week we want to remind each other that we are all special.

Week 7- Vulnerability

Chris and Jessica explain what vulnerability means and Gospel rap artist Guvna B talks about how we can help people who may be feeling vulnerable.

Week 7-Staying safe and speaking out

As we join with National Oak Academy explaining about space, Ant and Dec give us an important message about staying safe.

Can you choose  one of our new school prayers to say together.

Week 7-An end of year singing assembly celebration.


Week 6- How patient are you?

Are you having to wait for things you want to do?

Jessica and Chris help us to understand why being patient can be tricky.

As you listen to this song try and be still and to listen to the words.

Week 6-How resilient are you?

Chris and Jessica find out what resilience means and how our growth mindset work can help us become more resilient.

Sing along to ‘Be bold, be strong’.

Week 6-Lets stretch our brains as we find out some new facts today.

Time to reflect

please can you say one of our new school prayers.

Heres a new song to sing all about Jesus being like a lighthouse showing Christians the way to go.

Week 6-An Assembly from our friends at Pathway about something amazing that Jesus did.​

Week 6-Time to sing along. Here is a chance to learn 2 new songs.


Week 5-Love is all around

This song is all about having the love of Jesus in our hearts.

Week 5-What is humility?

Here’s a really cheerful song for us to sing.

Week 5-Kindness

Its so important that we are kind to all the people around us at home and at school.

Kindness really can make the world a better place.

Time to reflect

Please can you say our ‘Change begins with me’ prayer together

Join in singing one of our favourite songs.

Week 4- But what does hope mean?

This week we have some new friends to meet during our online Collective Worship , Jessica and Chris.

We’ve  thought about hope before but life at the moment  is still very different so its good to be reminded about the hope we can have.


Week 4-Its all about courage!

We all need to have courage to face things that we are frightened of.


Week 4-Moving makes us feel great

We need to remember to always look after ourselves. Movement and exercise are great ways to keep us feeling good.

Heres a great song to sing about moving.

Please could one of you say of our new school prayers.​


Week 3    What happened next?

Can you remember Easter this year? It seems ages ago and was right at the beginning of Lock down when our school closed because of Covid 19.

All the teachers were disappointed, as so many different events had been planned to celebrate Easter and they all had to be cancelled.

BUT …. the wonderful thing is that Easter still happened even though we couldn’t have an Easter Egg hunt!

Christians around the world still all celebrated the Good News that Jesus had risen from the dead. The sadness of Good Friday was transformed into the joy of Easter Day.

But what happened next…………….Have a think if you know what happened after Easter.

Watch the video and find out

The picture shows a statue in Brazil that looks like Jesus is going to Heaven.

This year Ascension Day was celebrated by Christians on May 21st.

Before Jesus went to Heaven he prayed that his friends would be filled with peace and that they would tell everyone about how much God loves them.

Here’s one of our new school prayers sung as a blessing for you.


Week 3 The power to change

After The disciples had seen Jesus go back to Heaven they understood he was Gods son.

Jesus told the disciples they had to tell all the people about him but they felt scared and worried.

Jesus told them they had to wait for a special helper to come.​

This year Christians celebrated Pentecost Sunday on 31st May.

Today Christians believe that the Holy Spirit can give them power to change just like the disciples in the story changed from being fearful to brave and confident and able to speak different languages.

Many Christians believe that Pentecost is the Church’s birthday as that was the very beginning of people telling others about Jesus.

Father God

Thank you for the gift of your Holy Spirit.

Thank you that even today you can help people to change from being scared to having peace.


Lets celebrate by singing Shine Jesus shine.


Week 3 ‘Bouncing back’

Today we have another Assembly from the Oak Academy all about resilience or ‘bouncing back’ when things are tough.

Oak National Academy #4

In the bible story we have been listening to this week Jesus friends were having a tough time but it was Gods special present of the Holy Spirit that helped them to ‘bounce back’.

Would someone in your class like to say one of our new school prayers before we finish with a song that talks about travelling along with God through the good times and the tough times.


Week 2 – ‘Change begins with me’ . How can I show kindness?

Sometimes when we look around the world or even in our home or school everyone seems angry or fed up.

But did you know that you can help to change that-you really can

Maybe you’re thinking how can I make a difference but as you watch this video you’ll see that by being kind you can colour someones day!

In the Bible it says ‘Be kind to one another’ and Christians believe its important to show kindness to everyone.

Being kind can make other people feel happy but its also good for us too. It can make us feel better too.

As you watch the video think about a time you were kind to someone else.

​Miss Glover wants to make a video that shows how kind we can be as a school so here’s a challenge for you.

Please can you think of something you can do to show kindness to someone. You could draw a picture showing  what you did. You could make a poster with some kind words for someone. You could send a picture or video in to Miss Glover at

Father God,

Thank you that when we look at the stories of Jesus in the Bible we can see that he was kind to everyone.

Please help us to show kindness to all the people we meet today


Please sing together the song all about being kind to each other ‘When I needed a neighbour were you there were you there?’

Week 2 – ‘Change begins with me’  Looking after my self

Do you remember last week we watched the first assembly from the Oak National Academy?

Today we are going to think about ‘looking after myself’ and ‘being kind to myself’ as we watch the second assembly.

Dear God,

Thank you that you are always with us and you care for each one of us.


Week 2 – ‘Change begins with me’. What can I do to take care of the planet?

The third Assembly from Oak National Academy has a special visitor- an astronaut.

Many astronauts have said its amazing when you are in space as you get to see planet earth.

After we’ve  watched the Assembly we can think some more about things we can do to take care of our planet.

A really easy thing to do every day is to pick up all of your rubbish at home or in the classroom. Dont drop any litter when you are walking to school. Make sure you recycle all your packaging at home.

It might seem like a small thing to do but remember ‘Change begins with me’. If everyone picked up their rubbish the whole planet would be a cleaner, nicer place!

Dear God,

Thank you for our beautiful planet.

Please help us to take care of it.


You can try to sing along to this song which is called ‘Think of a world without any flowers’.

Week 1  Collective worship from Oak National Academy.

Can you remember when lock down started? We were told that school needed to close to keep us all safe.

It all happened very suddenly. A group of teachers worked during the Easter holiday to make a whole new online school called Oak National Academy which has got lessons, activities and clubs  for children aged from 4 to 16.

You might have gone on their website to use some of their lessons.

Every week  we are going to listen to Collective Worship from Oak Academy.

The Headteacher of the school is called Mr  Hood and he is going to introduce the first Assembly which is about HOPE. ​

Here is the link to the website. Scroll down till you come to the first Assembly.

Archbishop Justin Welby talks about ‘keeping going under pressure’. Our Christian value for this half term is PERSEVERANCE and that means keeping going even when things are tough.

Be encouraged to persevere with your learning both at home and at school.

Week 1     What has changed?

It might seem to you that everything has changed in the world because of the Corona Virus.

We got sent home from school ages and ages ago and the Government said we had to all stay at home. It was tough. The adults were in school setting lessons, we had to try to do our learning at home, we couldn’t see our friends, we had to stay 2m away from anyone who didn’t live in our home with us. Its all been very strange.

Here’s a story that really for the children in Nursery but I think even the adults like it because one of the big things that’s changed is-we cant hug people any more

So even though we cant hug each other there’s still lots of ways to show how much we care.

For some of us there’s another  new change on the way-some of us are we are beginning to come back to school and its going to be quite  different to make sure we all stay safe.

But its really important to remember that all the adults in school are thinking about you and planning to make school safe as possible. The adults who look after you still want the best for you and to help you learn well.

Some of you will be staying at home to learn and your teachers will be preparing fun and exciting lessons for you to do at home.

With all the changes that are going on around the world Christians  believe that in the bible it tells us that ‘Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.’ Hebrews 13 verse 8.

Christians believe that prayer helps them to cope with all the things that are going on.

Time to reflect

lets spend a few moments thinking about all the things that have changed for us.

A prayer for the world

God of love and hope,
you made the world and care for all creation,
but the world feels strange right now.
The news is full of stories about Coronavirus.
Some people are worried that they might get ill.
Others are anxious for their family and friends.
Be with them and help them to find peace.
We pray for the doctors and nurses and scientists,
and all who are working to discover the right medicines
to help those who are ill.
Thank you that even in these anxious times,
you are with us.
Help us to put our trust in you and keep us safe.

A prayer to remember that God is always with us

Lord God, you are always with me.
You are with me in the day and in the night.
You are with me when I’m happy and when I’m sad.
You are with me when I’m healthy and when I am ill.
You are with me when I am peaceful and when I am worried.
Help me to remember that you love me and are with me in everything today.

In the Old Testament  there is a special prayer of blessing.

‘The Lord bless you and keep you, the Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you. The Lord turn his face towards you and give you peace. Numbers 6 verse 24-26

Its also easy to learn as a song too.

Peace at last

I like the story called ‘Peace at Last’ which is about Mr Bear needing peace and quiet to go to sleep. There’s noises all around him and he just can’t get to sleep.

You can listen to the story.

It might be hard for you to find any peace and quiet at home at the moment like Mr Bear.
In the Bible there’s a story about Jesus needing peace and quiet because he was tired after talking to so many people about Gods love for them. You can listen to the story.

In the story Jesus went to sleep. When the storm came Jesus’ friends were scared and frightened. The thought Jesus didn’t care about them, but of course he did and he told the storm to stop. Maybe when the storm was over Jesus went back to sleep. What do you think?

At the moment with all that’s happening in the world we can feel frightened or scared like the disciples. Can you think of a time when you have felt scared? Christians believe Jesus is always with them.

Jesus said something special about peace in the bible.

Jesus said ‘Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.’

This is from the book of John in the New Testament. John 14 vs 27

A time for reflection.

Dear God,
Thank you that you are always with us, in the noisy times and in the peaceful times. Thank you that we don’t need to be afraid. Amen

Here’s a song about us having peace in our hearts


God can hear us wherever we are!

Click on the link for some lovely prayer ideas whilst we are home taking care of our families.

Reflection This Week

Peace all around us.

Last week we found out about peace in the world as people celebrated the end of the war. The dove is often used as a symbol of peace.

Today we can think about someone who lived along time ago who wanted to be a peacemaker.

Saint Francis was a peacemaker and in his story we heard how he wanted to make a difference in people lives. He has happy to give up all his riches to help others.

Perhaps at home we can try to think how we can bring peace. Maybe we can tidy up without being asked, maybe we can share our tablet with our brother or sister without complaining.

Some people want to be peaceful when they talk to God. At the moment when we can’t go to church or school it’s sometimes hard to find somewhere peaceful at home. However, its worth remembering that we can talk to God anywhere and anytime. No matter how busy or noisy we are God is always there to talk with us and is always ready to listen.

Father God

Please help me to be a peacemaker at home. Thank you that you are always there to fill us with your peace if we ask you.


Saint Francis wrote a special prayer asking God to help him to be a peacemaker. Lets listen to a song about peace in the world which has to begin with each of us thinking about what we can do to make peace happen in our homes.

A Celebration of Peace.

Peace can mean quiet and calm but it can also relate to a time when people aren’t fighting or disagreeing. All over the world there are people caught up in disagreements. Some countries are still at war where there is danger and fear.

Captain Tom was a soldier in World war 2. This was a terrible war that lasted for 6 years.

May 8th 1945 was the end of the war in Europe and a day for people to celebrate that the long war was over.

75 years later on Friday May 8th 2020 we will remember all the people who died in the war.

In World War 2 the Queen drove an ambulance. The Queen is going to say some special words on Friday. See if you can listen to what she says on the television.

Sometimes disagreements happen within our homes and families, where there is fighting and unhappiness. In the Bible it says that Jesus is ‘The Prince of Peace’ and Christians believe Jesus can give them peace in their hearts whatever is going on in the world around them.

Dear God,

Please be with the people who are scared, tired or troubled and can’t find the peace they need. Please help me to try hard to keep the peace at home and avoid unnecessary upset and hurt. Thank you that you are always there for me, whether I am peaceful or not.       Amen

Sing along to the song that is about us bringing Peace around us.

A Long Walk 

Today, we are going to hear about an amazing man called Captain Tom Moore. He is 99 years old and will be 100 on 30 April. When he heard about the coronavirus and the magnificent work that doctors and nurses were doing, he wanted to do something to help. Although he uses a walking frame to help him walk, Captain Tom decided to raise some money for the NHS by doing a sponsored walk.

Look at this video to find out what happened next!

You can listen to this song that helps us remember that we never alone. There are always people around us to help us along the way.

Captain Tom decided he could do something to show how thankful he is for all the people who work for the NHS. He has been able to raise so much money for the NHS more than he ever imagined.

You could say thank you to Captain Tom by making him a birthday card. He will be 100 on April 30th.

Time for reflection

Captain Tom Moore has raised over £28 million pounds for the NHS – and still counting!

Each of us can do our bit to help each other right now. It might be something as simple as smiling at people, waving at them through a window or joining the Clap for Carers on our doorstep every Thursday night. We could place a rainbow or a teddy in the window to cheer people up, or even just be as helpful as possible around the house!

Father God, We thank you for Captain Tom  and the inspiration he is to us. Thank you that you are always with us and help us to know that we can all make a difference to those around us. Amen

The chorus of one of my favourite songs says “I just thank you Father for making me me!”  We are all special and we are all important however old we are.

The Rainbow is a Symbol of Hope 

In the Old Testament part of the Bible there is a story of Noah and his family.

The rainbow was a symbol of hope to Noah and his family and this same symbol has been used today.

In what weather conditions do rainbows often appear?

How do we feel when we see a rainbow?

 Rainbows are nearly always a sign that the storm is past and that the sun is returning again.

At the moment because of the Corona virus everything has changed and its like a big black cloud is over the earth. But the rainbow helps us to remember that the sunshine will come again. We wont always be under this dark cloud.

Every Thursday evening we are clapping to say thank you to the NHS.

You can see rainbows on windows  reminding people that there is hope things will change for the better.

Time for reflection.

Thank you God that when we look at the rainbow we remember it is a symbol of hope, reminding us of your promise to Noah in the Bible.

We can join in and sing a song remembering that Christians believe its God who put the colours in the rainbow.

Welcome to our special Easter celebration

Our theme is hope and new life

 Let’s begin by singing one of our favourite songs from School.  Give thanks with a grateful heart…….

 It’s good to think of all the things we can be thankful for and at Easter Christians are thankful for the love that Jesus showed when he died on the cross.     Watch the story of what happened at Easter.

  On Good Friday Jesus’ friends were so sad and they thought they would never be happy again. But God had an amazing plan and on Easter Day Jesus was alive again. Even in the middle of darkness and despair  there is hope of something better.This gives Christians hope that things will change and get better.  Easter  is a time of celebration for Christians and a time to rejoice. A time to celebrate new life.

It is difficult at times like this to truly celebrate when we are aware of so many people suffering in our world.

However let’s just take a look at the world around us. We can see so many signs of new life in the world, blossom on the trees, flowers blooming, the sun shining and Spring is really here. Easter gives us all a chance to celebrate the new life we see around us.

Time to be still and quiet:

In the quietness of your own home, write, draw, or say   all the things that are signs of new life and the things that give us life.  Eg, flowers, blossom, birth of a new baby, water, food, a smile, a kind gesture.

If you want to you can say this prayer:  Dear God, thank you that you show us through your creation, and the acts of kindness we see around us, that there is always hope. Thank you for the message of Easter which is one of hop and new life. Thank you God that you are always with us Amen.