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BBC – Families in Enfield wanted

FAO: All Please share with your school communities

The BBC are currently looking for families based in Enfield to take part in an exciting new cooking / food show.

The idea behind the show is to work with one family each week and help them feel inspired and confident about cooking healthy families meals that everyone wants to eat!

They will help families reduce the amount they spend on food each week and lower the amount of food waste their house hold produces.
The family have fun together while cooking, and as it’s a prime time show so fun is key, but there is also a strong message about healthy eating and reducing waste.

No filming is taking place until February next year, when we will, of course, be following the most up to date government Health and Safety Measure at the time. The team will also ensure that everyone taking part in filming is fully briefed on what these are and completely comfortable with all filming taking place.

The Casting process will be conducted by phone and video calls, so there will be no need for in person meeting this year.
If you are interested you will need to apply ASAP by email to

Reading & Writing Competitions

Enfield Libraries would like to invite you to participate in The Reading Agency’s 2020 Winter Mini Challenge!

This year’s theme is ‘Everyone is a Hero’ and the challenge will run from 1st December 2020 to 15th January 2021.

Children can sign up for the challenge online and aim to read at least three books while it runs.

They can update their online profile with the books they have read along with a review to unlock the rewards.

Any books can be used to complete the mini challenge. I have attached a PDF which details the digital library services we have available for children and teenagers, which include eBooks, eAudiobooks, learning resources, comics and magazines. I have also included a document which explains how you can access these services.

You can find out more about the challenge and sign up on The Reading Agency’s website here:

Additionally, we are currently running a winter themed writing competition for children aged 6-17, with a £25 Amazon voucher as the prize.

Thank you to Maya and Kira for your lovely donations of your well loved toys and books.

We really appreciate the kind gesture!