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Academic Year 2021 – 22

StJJ News 22.7.22


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Letter to Parents and Carers 24.02.2022

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Setting up new devices for your children this Christmas

Christmas 21 – Foodbank Locations


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Parent Consultations 3.9.21

Academic Year 2020 – 21

Life After Loss Flyer Send – Family Support Offer

School Fun Day Friday 23rd July 2021

Edible Garden coming to St John and St James soon.

We have been working in partnership for several months now with an organisation called Trees for Cities on an exciting project which will provide our school with an outdoor classroom where children will be able to grow vegetables and fruit and learn about healthy eating.

The final design is below. 

The mural which runs along the back wall will feature the work of some of our children who have been invited to contribute a piece of artwork on the theme of ‘life’.

The build is due to begin in early July 2021 and the project should be completed just before the end of the current academic year.

StJJ News 21.06.21

Congratulations Miss Persaud on your beautiful new arrival! 








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EU DEL free legal services


StJJ News 01.03.21

Rapid Lateral Flow Testing – 4th March 2021

Full reopening of school 1.3.21

St Mary Class Changes

Enfield Distance Learning Statement 18th January 2021


Feedback from our Parents – Why we do what we do!

As the children are preparing to return to school my family and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the online learning you have provided for your pupils.   You have all gone above and beyond expectations, in ensuring that the children received continuous learning and support.  Personally for me it was a blessing as I still had to go to work and my son being online all day was an added bonus, knowing he was supported by his amazing teacher.  She checked in with him constantly and  would send me a message if she felt I needed to check in with him.  The level of communication was flawless.  Miss Persaud,  provided my daughter with what she needed to get her through, she took the time to ask her if she had her pack,  if she understood the work and  communicated with me and I really appreciate that she carried out her phonics assessment.  Miss Persaud and Mrs Olaleye were both understanding and patient with my children and their situation, and not being able to be home to support my own children during this time as I had to go to work, knowing they had such understanding teachers meant a lot to me. The senior management team did a fantastic job staying connected with the children in two ways, the first tuning into their online lessons which I know my children liked especially my daughter who, when I told her Miss Cuncarr heard her singing in her maths lesson, she excitedly replied “did Miss Cuncarr like my singing” although that was not the respond I wanted, it was quite humorous, my son would tell me ‘I saw Mrs Cuncarr in my lesson’. The second is by continuing with assembly and giving out awards, this  showed value to the school as a community. 
I will say my best moments as a parent during this time was seeing how serious my children took homeschooling, they were both ready at the table every morning before I left for work and Friday they would sit together to watch the assembly.
I will finish by saying a huge well done to all the staff, as I’m sure everyone played their part, but just to name the members who directly affected us, I would like to thank, Mrs Olaleye, Miss Persaud, Mrs Williams, Mrs Nagle, Mrs Cuncarr, Miss walker and Lauren for continuing to communicate with my son even when technology played up.
St John and St James Primary School is simply the best and I’m proud to be a parent of this school.
Thank you for Making year 3 such a positive experience for my daughter and her group. With all your patience, creativity and love she has achieved a lot this year. 
All children have started off on the right foot by having you as their teacher.
You have made a great difference to our children lives because you care so much about them.  You have directed them to trust themselves in all they can do.
Your patience and your love, care for the children makes you an outstanding teacher.  On my behalf and every parent we would like to thank you for all your outstanding work you providing for our children.
For all the staff members especially Miss Olayleye, Miss Walker, Miss Wilkins and Miss King for helping all parents during this difficult time . 
Best school ever, I am so blessed and grateful for my child to be in your school.
May I start by saying how amazing the school has been during these uncertain times.   The teachers in St Christopher class (reception) have been extremely supportive with regards to online learning and also supporting the parents with navigating around Google classroom.
Initially, my child found it very tricky with the new ways of learning, however Miss Bryan responded promptly to my concerns and implemented extra sessions in order for him to catch up.
I would also like to thank all the teachers in St Christopher’s class for their patience, support and fantastic teaching skills.
Thank you StJ&StJ primary school.
Ever since learning has been moved to online, Miss Ojukwu in 3D has be wonderful with the children. There has been a few difficulties but Miss Ojukwu has handled those issues brilliantly to keep the children’s learning on track.
I would like to thank, Miss Rodrigues (5T) for all the help and support she provides us with online and staying online even after the session is over to help us and plus she is so much fun and makes us laugh everyday.
We would like to praise Mr Weeks for helping us during his online sessions, overall  he has been absolutely fantastic.
I would like to thank you for supporting our family by providing a space when it was needed.  Overall I have been so so impressed with the educational offer my son has had both in school and online.  The learning is planned and delivered efficiently and, more importantly to me, clearly expresses the value that all the staff place on the children.  It has moved me to see him talking and laughing with his friends and teachers online and, honestly, our family’s lockdown experience will be a lot brighter and more wholesome because of provision you and your staff are working so hard to provide.  (MIss Persaud’s Class)
Just to let you know that my son is loving his lessons.  He is so excited and happy that he can see his friends and Miss Ojukwu.  He is ready to start in the morning and is looking at the clock so that he is on time for his next session.  The lessons are engaging and when he has any questions, he can speak with her for guidance.  I feel so proud of all of the kids who are now more skilled at online working than parents. Amazing.
Just want to say a massive thank you, to the school and Mr Hannam, this week has been excellent, and it’s been great to have my son in teacher led home learning this week. You guys have created a great environment for the kids learning and for us parents working from home.
Thanks for your continued efforts and support with the children during this period.


Thank you to parents 8th January 2021

Parent Support Offer 2020-21 Leaflet version


January Return to School – Information for Parents

Mason TaylorCongratulations Miss Hobbs on the birth of Mason Taylor 

Born on 8th December 2020

Christmas Calendar 2020

Free Youth Opportunities in Enfield for Years 6 -11

Academic Year   2019 – 2020

Autumn 1 2019 Newsletter for Parents

Inter-House Competition Report- Issue 1

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